Cheryl Tolleson

Cheryl Tolleson is a Licensed Architect and Interior Design who is passionate about Residential Architecture from start to finish. She studied architecture at the University of Texas, and in Oxford, England.

‘I enjoy all aspects of Residential Design from the early sketches during the Design Phase, all the way through the construction drawings, specifying finishes and designing furniture.’
‘One of my clients asked us to design a couch for them in an existing octagonal shape living room that was difficult to furnish. I worked with a furniture manufacturer to have the piece made from scratch, as well as the coffee table and sofa tables.’

‘Many clients have Interior Designers that they've worked with for years. We encourage this and have an appreciation for what the designers bring to the table.’

‘When everyone is working together with the same goal in mind, a home becomes a timeless and incredibly rich place to be, inside and out.’

Cheryl also enjoys writing about architecture and design, and has written articles that have appeared in many regional and international magazines, such as ‘Architecture for Mountain Communities’, and ‘Designing the Perfect Mud Room’.